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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frida Mexican Cuisine

The worst restaurant experience I've suffered in twenty years occurred earlier tonight at Frida Mexican Cuisine at the Americana mall in Glendale, California. My sister's best friend chose this place for her birthday because she's a fool for celebrities and she's distantly related to Salma Hayek, the restaurant's owner. The birthday girl brought her brother, father, my sister and invited me as well. The birthday girl's father loves mixed driks and ordered a margarita. The first was weak on liquor, but he choked it down. The second tasted metallic. His shrimp tasted rubbery and flavorless. Birthday girl's soup tasted bad. A Mexican-style Waldorf salad was drenched in a nauseatingly sweet dressing and was lacking enough grapes and walnuts, let alone apples. I ordered the New York steak. After an hour it still hadn't arrived. After petitioning the waiter, our entrees finally arrived. My steak tasted like calve's liver. It came with french fries, even though I asked for rice and beans. I'm diabetic and ate minimally earlier in the day to keep a sharp appetite because I anticipated eating heartily. I sent the steak back. I couldn't force myself to eat it, despite my hunger. Everyone was unhappy and even after summoning the manager, they had the temerity to present us with the bill.

Lesson learned. Never go to a restaurant best known for its celebrity owner, celebrity chef or celebrity clientele. I never liked Salma Hayek anyway.

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