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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bobby Jindal Repudiates the War in Iraq

Bobby Jindal spoke Tuesday night at the $2,500-a-plate National Republican Congressional Committee dinner, which said it raised more than $6 million at the event.

During his speech, he said Obama's proposed budget exceeds the cost of the war in Iraq. Since Jindal thinks Obama's budget is a very, very bad thing, he just unintentionally repudiated the value of what George W. Bush and most other Republicans still believe to be a magnificent achievement.

Pondering the nauseating spectacle of a bunch of people spending $2,500 to hear Jindal's claptrap, it occured to me how much better spent the hundreds of millions of dollars that financed the 2008 election would be if it were apportioned and given to every impoverished adult. Both parties are always mouthing platitudes about helping the underprivileged, but they are only interested in attaining and maintaining the power of elected office.

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