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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wither Perot Goest, Ron Paul Goest

In the last six months, we have won victory after victory on a local basis. Dozens of anti-war, anti-state Ron Paul supports have joined the coalition, in my own home town of less than five hundred souls.

Thousands of Americans, young and old have gotten their first taste of activism. They're not going to go away or give up, or die, regardless of what happens in the primaries.
The same things were said when Ross Perot ran the first time. Then he told his crazy story about Bush fabricating photos of Perot's daughter caught in lesbian trysts, yet Perot still did better than any other third-party candidate. And after he lost, the enthusiasm and momentum disappeared. When Perot tried to create a movement and get local representatives elected, it was a bust.

Ron Paul is a single candidate without a real party behind him, just energized fans. He's like a TV series with a cult following that the network doesn't support.

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