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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dennis Prager, Stuck on Stupid

Wednesday, Dennis Prager reacted to Obama's speech before Obama even gave it. In his response, Prager said that Muslims should be grateful that the United States removed Saddam Hussein, who tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of his own Muslim people and a million Muslims in the Iran-Iraq war. So Obama has no business apologizing to Muslims.

1. The rationale given for invading Iraq and removing Hussein was not to liberate Muslims from his persecution. It was his supposed threat to us.

2. Saddam Hussein persecuted certain Iraqis because they opposed his power, not because they were Muslim.

3. The United States supported Hussein's invasion of Iran, so, by Prager's peculiar logic, we contributed to Hussein's victimization of Muslims.

4. Our invasion of Iraq directly contributed to the deaths of tens of thousands of Muslims and drove millions more from their own country. It left the remainder of them living in a country with a devastated infrastructure that remains rife with sectarian violence.

Yes indeed, we've really helped so many Muslims who we never set out to help in the first place.

My mind vomits.

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