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Thursday, November 09, 2006

George Bush: We're Not Leaving Iraq

In his Nov. 8 press conference, President Bush said:

We're not going to leave before the job is done. And obviously, we've got a lot of work to do with some members of Congress. I don't know how many members of Congress said, get out right now -- I mean, the candidates running for Congress in the Senate. I haven't seen that chart. Some of the comments I read where they said, well, look, we just need a different approach to make sure we succeed; well, you can find common ground there.

See, if the goal is success, then we can work together. If the goal is, get out now regardless, then that's going to be hard to work together. But I believe the Democrats want to work together to win this aspect of the war on terror.

The message is clear. The Democrats' position is that we should get out ("redeploy") of Iraq. "Success" and "job is done" are Bush's euphemisms for the indefinite occupation of Iraq. Since Bush only wants the Democrats' affirmation of a continuing occupation, nothing will happen regarding Iraq. Nothing has changed since November 7.

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