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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What About Hamas's "Murderous Rampage?"

Dennis Perrin writes, "The Israeli state is making it easier to speak this way, as more and more people are appalled by its murderous rampage."

What about Hamas's murderous rampage? Would that Hamas posess more potent weapons than Qassam rockets, hundreds of Israelis could now be dead. That's certainly Hamas's intention. Their inability to achieve their stated objective in no way absolves them of the responsibility for this war. Israel is in a no-win situation. They could have reacted to Hamas's rocket attacks by doing nothing. Or they can attempt to expunge Hamas combatants from Gaza. It's probably impossible to retaliate against Hamas without incurring substantial civilian casualties, given the population density of Gaza and the nature of guerilla warfare on Hamas's part, where the fighters are indistinguishable from civilians and don't launch attacks from easily sighted fixed positions.

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