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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Same Old Article From Publishing Insider

Louise Tucker's article about publishing reads like just about every other article and book by agents and editors I've read before.

Back when I was submitting my first book proposal, in 1992, I deduced that agents and editors thought alike. After submitting about 30 queries and a handfull of proposals, I had no takers, and about six agents who rejected me gave roughly the same reason for their rejection.

Anyway, back to Tucker's article and the comments appended to it. If Louise Tucker expresses the same sentiments about publishing as every other insider I've read, it doesn't make them ogres out to destroy literature. What it does mean is that they share, with very few exceptions, an institutional mentality. Some of the commentators scoffed at her assertions about how editors seek great books as well as her rationale for publishing celebrity books, but that is what she believes.

No one is going to change publishing and get anywhere by critcising the fundamental beliefs of publishers. Its like trying to reason a theist out their religious beliefs.

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