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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Health Care Reform

Please view Keith Olbermann's Special Comment where he showed various Representatives from both political parties and the amounts of money they received from health insurance companies. If so, you know why the health care bill will be stripped of the public option and why a single-payer plan was never even entered into discussion.

The Democrats have enough of a majority to pass a bill without a single Republican vote. The objections of Republicans and conservative pundits are irrelevant. As usual, the corrupting influence of private money contributed to public officials' election coffers has already determined the dismal outcome.

Whenever Congress passes a bill with he word reform in it's title, you can safely assume it is nohing more than a mechanism to transfer money from the have nots upward to the haves. By the time the health care reform bill reaches Obama's desk, it will be lttle more than a mandate requiring the uninsured to purchase health insurance, generating even more revenue for insurance ompanies.

See also, Donald Sutherland's piece on Max "Moneybags" Baucus

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