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Friday, April 18, 2008

"Being an anti-imperialist in America is like being a Zionist in the Third Reich."

The notions that within the body of empire lurks the heart of an egalitarian, constitutional republic, or a libertarian minarchy, or a parliamentary social democracy are the purest forms of political self-flattery. The subjects here may be largely political, but the program is purely perceptual. I am not a reformist.

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"Ben Stein -- a man so square he craps cubes."

Chez nails Expelled:

The fact that Ben Stein is being cast as an insurgent -- a man whose last act of rebellion involved choosing Yale over Princeton -- is hilarious in and of itself, although not surprising, considering the tone that the movie wants to hit.

BTW, the people who made this film obviously didn't realize that their title is also the transitive form for the verb describing the act of evacuating one's bowels, thereby providing a perfect one-word review of their own film.

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