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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

British Comediam Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle - Toilet Books: Dan Brown, Celebrity Books

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Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle - Part 2

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Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle - Part 3

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A Witty Takedown of Ann Coulter's Latest Book

Reading Ann Coulter’s latest book, Guilty: Liberal Victims and their Assault on America, one almost feels sorry for her. It’s painfully clear she has crossed the threshold of her half life. Her mantra that liberals are pitiable, conniving, traitorous losers and that conservatives are valorous, patriotic administrative geniuses plays poorly against the backdrop of the hand-over from George W. Bush to Barack Obama. Imagine penning a panegyric to dirigible travel while crossing the Atlantic on the Hindenburg.

The core of Coulter’s thesis is that liberals get what they want by existing in a permanent state of victimhood. This is a rich theory for a woman who lives in that bizarre parallel universe where conservatives are eternally bedeviled and contained by that unholy trinity of the liberal media, academia and judiciary.


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