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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not that long ago, cell phones, or mobile phones, as they are called in Europe, didn't exist, or were the kind of luxury appurtenance that you might see Cary Grant suavely using to phone ahead to tell his major-domo to make arrangements for his candle lit dinner with his amour in a fluffy romantic film. Everybody today, even kids, seem to have cell phones. Of course, no ubiquitous electronic device can exist today without generating a seemingly inexhaustible, ever growing aftermarket of accessories. About the only accessory you get with a cell phone is an AC adapter.

What if you want more? If you're in Europe and sprechen sie Deutsch, then is a site that might be for you. is a one-stop, online store for a constellation of Handyzubehör, or mobile accessories to you or me.

Broadly speaking, offers two types of accessories. The first category is what I'd call purely functional or operational accessories. The aforementioned AC adapter, for example. You need it to charge the phone's batteries to use the phone. Or batteries themselves. Then there's a crossover category, what you might call functional options. Extra batteries, extra AC adapters, and other power sources, like the the WildCharger™. The WildCharger™ is a flat, thin pad that uses magnetic induction or some such wizardry to charge devices placed on its surface. Of course, the WildCharger™ itself has to be plugged in. Oh well, you can't have everything.

Then there's the fun part, if you're idea of fun is making your mobile phone look like an explosion in a tutti-frutti factory and sound like a jukebox. It's the sort of thing you'll like if you like that sort of thing. is very well designed, with the expected but still welcome navigation menus. Every product category can be navigated by brand, manufacturer, and type of accessory. If you don't know what you're looking for, you can easily browse by category. Or you can look for accessories to augment a specific brand. Then you can just zero in on Nokia Zubehör (Nokia accessories) or Blackberry Zubehör (BlackBerry Accessories). There are sections devoted just to iPod and iPhone stuff. It's hard to say what they don't have here, as long as it's mobile and can fit in a pocket, purse or pouch. Lacking the right thing to put your phone in, examine the Handytaschen (Mobile Phone Cases). They have mobile phones, too. This place is a gadget maniac's cornucopia. They have accessories for popular gaming platforms, electronics like headphones and MP3 players and a selection of gadgets, with everything from a tiny RC helicopter to a pocket size, dedicated web browser. About the only thing lacking is a link to a rich benefactor. promises delivery within the European Union in 2-3 days from purchase. A nice feature is that you can use PayPal for payment. There's a companion site for English only speakers, Go, have fun. Go for broke. You just might, too.


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