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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Windows 7 is Inferior to Snow Leopard

Farhad Manjoo, at Slate gives a rave review to Windows 7, even proclaiming it superior to Apple's operating system, Snow Leopard. Mr. Manjoo conveniently omits the one feature where Windows fails dismally compared to Mac OS X - security and vulnerablity to malware.

This weekend, the Windows XP Pro partition on my MacBook Pro, which I maintain for another family member's use, got infected with a trojan that infected exe and dll files and couldn't be removed. I finally had to delete the Boot Camp partition and create a new one, reinstall Windows, various application programs and 54 Windows updates. Total time spent was about three hours.

I'll happily stick to OS X.

BTW, I actually considered upgrading the Windows partition from Windows XP to Windows 7, until I went to and saw that the cheapest version of Windows 7 cost's $199.95!

You can buy a MacBook for $999, and get a machine that outperforms my MacBook Pro, which cost $2,000 in 2007. And Apple includes the operating system disks, while many PCs that come with Windows preinstalled don't.

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