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Monday, August 11, 2008

Pop Culture Artifact: Trailer for The 10th Victim

The company that produced this trailer must have also produced Joseph E. Levin's other trailers for this period. You can tell by watching the trailer for 8&1/2, which is done in the same style, particularly the way pull quotes from reviews are flashed on screen.

Trailers From Hell

Ursula Andress's bullet-spraying bra was the talk of the nation when Elio Petri's 1965 pop-sci fi spoof hit the screen. In the 21st century, violence is legally channeled into televised "hunts" for the public's amusement, an outlandish idea then--but dangerously close to reality (TV) today! Unforgettable jazz-lounge score by Piero Piccioni.


Edgar Wright on “High Plains Drifter”
Joe Dante on “The Skull”
Mark Pellington on “The Courtship of Eddie's Father”
Mick Garris on “Martin”
Eli Roth on “Creepshow”

Edgar Wright on “Day of the Dead”
John Landis on “Dawn of the Dead”
Joe Dante on “The Giant Gila Monster”
John Landis on “King Solomon's Mines”
Mark Pellington on “Dial M for Murder”


Jack Hill on “The Big Doll House”
Tim Hunter on “Champagne Murders”
Stuart Gordon on “Mr Sardonicus”
Joe Dante on “The Sadist”
Joe Dante on “College Confidential”

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