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Monday, January 14, 2008

Insidious Liberal Media Brainwashing

Here’s how the msm were ever so subtly injecting the poison of liberalism into hapless viewers’ brains at 6 PM PST Sunday. CNN and NBC were both showing the Golden Globes press conference put on in lieu of the awards show scuttled by the writers’ strike. Not content to leave it there, NBC’s Dateline, at 7 PM, abandoned their usual predator gotcha extravaganza or a serving of hot off the editing table ghoulash about the murdered pregnant Marine. Instead, they sucked back the vomit from the previous hour only to barf it out again.


War Against Iran Is Again Imminent

George Bush will either go to war by the end of next week or not at all, at least until another phony casus belli like the incident involving Iranian speedboats can be contrived and built up into a reason to attack Iran. Tuesday, when this story first aired on the CBS Evening News, they played an audio clip, supposedly broadcast by one of the Iranian sailors, who said, “I am coming to you. You will explode after a few minutes.” When I heard this, I turned to my sister and said, “In which basement at Langley did they record that. It's so obviously fake." Since then, some sort of story about this trivial non-confrontation has aired on one or more of the mainstream media TV news shows every day. Yesterday, CNN did a story where they quoted the publication the Navy Times, who wrote that the audio transmission was probably the work of a local prankster known as the Fillipino Monkey. By all rights, this story should have gone away by now, but it is like a balloon being inflated at one end while being bled out at the other. Each news story that attempts to keep the story alive also included enough revealing bits of information for an intelligent viewer to see how phony the threat was/is. The CNN report debunked the authenticity of the audio clip but also included two US sailors who’ve been put forward to claim that the Iranian speedboats threw white boxes into the water. Meanwhile, while touring Israel and the middle east, Bush has repeatedly inserted statements about Iran’s threat to the middle east into his speeches. One need only to take one look at these speedboats and their capabilities - the one shown in the photo is unarmed - to see how ludicrous the threat they posed was. Also note the caption accompanying the photo. The Navy claims that the speedboat shown was one that maneuvered near Navy ships, and it is clearly unarmed, yet he caption claims that the five speedboats were armed. The Navy couldn’t even manage to scare up one photo of an armed speedboat, though. Just remember, though, that Bush took the country to war because of WMDs, and they never existed. These speedboats are a step up for Bush. At least they exist.

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