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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Myth of he Liberal Media

While headed toward the exit, President Bush gave interviews to all three networks and PBS. Not one of the anchors conducting the interviews questioned Bush's debunked narrative justifying the Iraq war or his equally fraudulent assertion that he kept us safe since 9/11. So much for the liberal media, another conservative myth. The corporate media are courtiers to the politicians who front for the corporate-military plutocracy that owns and runs this country.

Facebook's Appalling Power Grab

Edward Champion is all up in arms over Facebook's all-encompassing Terms of Service agreement that allows them to do anything they want to with your likeness and any user-created content you put on your Facebook page. While I agree with Mr. Champion that this is an appallingly arrogant move, it only bothers me in an abstract way, because, while I could go on at length about this, I'll boil down my thougths to these observations.

1. Most people create a Facebook account because someone asked them to be their friend and in order to do so, Facebok demands that you create an account of your own. Such Fascebook pages have no content and are rarely visited or amended by their owners. I have no interest in social networks but created pages on MySpace and Facebook because I had to to be courteous to two people who asked me to be their friend.

2. Most user-created content has no commercial potential and is worthless.

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