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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Putting The Lie to Bush's Lies

Bush invaded Iraq without any plan for managing the post-war situation except unrealistic optimism. On another blog, people were making fun of Cindy Sheehan's Thanksgiving fast-which I admit I found rather silly-by talking about all the wonderful things we've accomplished in Iraq, like removing a terrible tyrant.

Removing Saddam Husssein would be a genuine moral victory only if we had replaced him with a benevolent, functioning government capable of defending itself. We have replaced Hussein with the mostly benevolent martial law of our own and British troops. The collection of puppets posing as Iraq's current government, who cower in the green zone, have no indigenous defense force to protect themselves or their country. We fill the power vacuum in Iraq that we created.

Bush's only real plan is a domestic pr offensive. For Iraq, the plan remains the same: a violent stalemate with our troops as the target for an insurgency of Sunnis who don't want the Shiite majority to control the country and see us as the only thing between themselves and the Shiites.

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