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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Election Prediction

For weeks, liberal pundits have been predicting that Democrats will retake Congress.

There are going to be some very surprised and disappointed Democrats the morning after the election.

Despite the Foley sandal and the ongoing mess in Iraq, the Democrats will make small gains, if any, in their attempt to regain control of Congress.

John McCain Is A Partisan Hack

Fred Kaplan at Slate has the goods on John McCain's incorrect claims that Bill Clinton allowed North Korea to develope a nuclear weapon.

I respected McCain once, but no longer. He continues to be a war hawk. He made a show of opposing Bush's detainee legislation, but then caved and voted for torture. That's his modus operandi. He appears to criticise Bush, but ends up supporting him. His accusations against Bill Clinton are unfounded, just a partisan attack.

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