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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

David Gregory, Corporate Bootlick

GM VP Larry Burns appeared today on MSNBC's show 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, providing his reasons why GM should receive billions more in addition to the 25 bilion dollars Congress quietly voted Detroit along with the Wall Street bailout.

David Gregory didn't ask Burns a single critical question or confront Burns on any of the questionable assertions about what the loan would enable GM to do. Burns said GM would build revolutionary hybrid vehicles like the Chevy Volt and create green jobs doing so.

Had David Gregory prepared himself or simply had some historical memory, he might have asked why GM cancelled the perfectly good Saturn EV-1 years ago, and why we should trust the same executives with their short term mentalities who gambled everything on SUVs (yesterday GM's COO defended GM's acquisition of the Hummer to Chris Matthews, calling it an excellent vehicle) who have blundered their way to the brink of bankruptcy to suddenly become visionaries who will turn a desert into an oasis with a paltry few billions.

Burns talks of creating green jobs, when in fact GM's 35-page business plan submitted to Congress calls for cutting 20,000 jobs.

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