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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Gets a Tongue Bath

Really, Geraldine Ferraro was right and was proven so today by the media's ecstatic reaction to Obama's speech. Never has so much praise been given for so little. Obama's disquisition on race in America was a smoke screen to evade the need for a simple answer to a simple question. How do you disassociate yourself from the inflammatory beliefs of the preacher whose congregation you've been a member of for many years, a preacher whose recently publicized pronouncements are probably more typical than atypical of his thinking?

He didn't give a simple, satisfactory answer. I rather doubt that he's sympatico with Rev. Wright's sensibility. I think he joined Wright's congregation because he wanted to gain street cred among blacks who were suspicious that he was an "oreo" to win their political support. Joining Wright's flock was camouflage. He can't admit this. It would be political suicide.

So we get his lecture on the history of race relations in American and the media fall all over themselves to praise him. It's really absurd.

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