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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Leave Ron Paul Alone!, Part Two

...The wonderful thing about pop culture is that it alienates a majority of people from reality, persuading them that the criminal class consists of middle-class white males, and that brain surgeons and nuclear physicists and judges are, typically, people played by Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson. In a free society, stereotypes and prejudices are somewhat false conclusions drawn from experience; in the servile state, the stereotypes are almost always the opposite of reality.

Beyond the astonishing display of racism, beyond the cluelessness about what is typically shown in pop culture, there is that nonsensical last sentence. It’s no surprise, then, to have turned this up about the author of that gem, Dr. Thomas Fleming:

Fleming, like Ron Paul, is another Von Mises obsessive who still sheds tears over the defeat of the Confederacy.

Burkeman1, so enamored of this, restated it in a comment:

This is so true of American pop culture that I blanch at almost all of it. And it isn't just black's being protrayed as nuclear physicists in every movie and comical middle class white drug dealers being shown as the norm.

These idiots apparently never hear of the recent film American Gangster, to provide just one counter-example. Well, it’s no surprise that they have no problem with the contents of Ron Paul’s newsletters. When I called them on it, they posted this ridiculous response, and, in one of the comments, said that there’s no problem with what was in the newsletters, because it’s true.

Their final, oh so devastating riposte - “Get lost” - an expression of petulant exasperation at their inability to deal with me in an honest manner.

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