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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Criminalizing Your Occasional Download

There's a story on WIRED News that I picked up from The Village Voice that we need to act on:,1283,65704,00.html

The RIAA and various Hollywood lobbying groups are trying to ram a bill through the Senate that will get a teenager thrown in jail for three years for taking a camcorder into a theater for making a shitty quality copy of, oh, say, The Polar Express, which is to say, making a shitty copy of a piece of quality shit.

The bill would do quite a few other nefarious things, to the point where pretty soon you won't be able to browse a book at Barnes & Noble without getting thrown in the klink. I'm generally pretty complacent when I hear someone from the EFF or Cory Doctorow going on about the violation of our privacy by corporate America and their stranglehold on intellectual property, but this bill is a travesty and has to be stopped, if possible.

Copyright laws weren't written just to give Hollywood a timeless monopoly on their crap.

"It's just plain wrong to make the Department of Justice Hollywood's law
firm," said Stacie Rumenap, ACU's deputy director.



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