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Friday, October 29, 2004

The Epitome of Failure

A new video from Osama Bin Laden was televised today. Here is Bin Laden, alive, well, and able to make videos and somehow get them into the hands of media outlets. This symbolizes why George W. Bush and his administration are the epitome of failure.

On just about every subject, Bush has been a catastrophic failure. But his worst failure is surely that Bin Laden hasn't been brought to justice. What is also a huge miscarriage of justice is that the public and voters haven't held Bush accountable for his failure to "get Bin Laden, dead or alive." Any Democratic president would have been drawn and quartered long ago for this one failure alone, let alone the Iraq disaster, the economy, deficit, and attempts to further rape the environment and deny/ignore global warming and the effects it will wreak worldwide in the coming years.

Not that long ago, Charles Taylor in Salon, reviewing Nicholson Baker's recent novel, wrote that it is difficult for an intelligent person to wake up every day, take in the days' news, and not become quietly enraged at this president and his administration. That's how I feel. My intelligence and my longing for justice is outraged not only by George Bush but by the fact that so many people can ignore facts that are practically written in fire across the sky and actually believe, like, and support this manifest idiot.


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