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Friday, October 29, 2004

You're Wrong, Bush

In a campaign speech I saw earlier on TV today, Bush said that John Kerry is "The wrong man for the wrong job at the wrong time."

This is so stupid it makes my head hurt. I'm not talking about the political premise in the statement. Even if I agreed with the premise, it is expressed so poorly and stupidly that it pains me. Isn't Kerry, if you dislike him, the wrong man for the right job (the Presidency) at the right time (meaning now)? How can it be the wrong job? I mean we're electing a president, aren't we? Is there some other job Bush and Kerry are applying for that we aren't being made aware of? And then this "wrong time" stuff. Is there some other time we're having this election that I don't know about?

Bush could have said, "John Kerry is the wrong man for the job," and have spoken one sentence correctly. He couldn't even manage that. Bush's campaign slogan should be "Hire the handicapped."


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