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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Why Democrats Will Support Bush's Escalation In Iraq

Although he hasn't yet made it offcial by speechifying it, political observers expect President Bush to call for an escalation of ground troops in Iraq, possibly by as many as 30,000 new soldiers.

What will the Democrats do in response? Nothing. They won't greet it with enthusiasm, but their unwillingness to try and stop Bush amounts to tacit approval. Once again, this represent the Democratic leadership's affinity to put political strategizing ahead of principle.

Here's their thinking. Opposing Bush's escalation carries a great political risk. If we stop Bush, Republicans will say that we stabbed our soldiers in the back and helped lose Iraq. If only Democrats had given him the benefit of the doubt, Republicans will say, then maybe we could have won.

The easiest way to avoid this is to let Bush have his escalation. It will fail, of course. Then we will have a clear case for pinning the mess in Iraq on Bush and the Republican party and by association, their presidential nominee for 2008. Then we will ride the Iraq issue to the White House.


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