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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Judith Regan Gets The Ax

Sometimes there is some justice. Judith Regan, one of history's greatest shameless vulgarians, the progenitor of the recently canceled O. J. Simpson book and interview, has been fired. Merry Christmas. We won't miss you, Ms. Regan.

The New York Times

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15 — Judith Regan, the firebrand editor who stirred up decade-old passions last month with her plan for a book and television interview with O. J. Simpson, was fired on Friday by HarperCollins, the publishing company that oversaw her book business.

HarperCollins announced the firing, “effective immediately,” in a two-sentence news release that was issued about 7 p.m. Eastern time. The announcement was made by Jane Friedman, president and chief executive of HarperCollins, who has long had a strained relationship with Ms. Regan.

The Washington Times has a different take on Jane Friedman’s role in la affair Simpson.


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