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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

McCain or Giuliani: Vote No

Sherman Yellen has an excllent column at The Hufington Post reminding us why there are very good reasons neither McCain or Giuliani should become the next president.

As "America's Mayor" after 9/11 Rudy was proclaimed an American hero because unlike Bush he didn't duck for cover, but anyone examining his past and the claims made for him will find that Rudy lives in a house of cards.

What many have forgotten in our rush to the next news cycle, and the next freak show, is John McCain's role as one of the Keating Five; a group of Senators (alas four of the five were Democrats) who attempted to pressure an investigator into easing off on the Lincoln S&L investigation.

So much has been made of John Murtha's ethical lapses in the past it is remarkable that McCain's dubious acts seem to be inoculated from close inspection by the newsmakers. Like Rudy, McCain is viewed as a moderate, but both these alleged Republican moderates have a deep grained streak of cruelty. McCain demonstrated his when he appeared at a Republican fundraiser in 1998, where he told this Rush Limbaugh style joke: "Question: Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Answer: Because her father is Janet Reno!"


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