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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The O. J. Simpson Flap

In addition to the instinctual drives for food, water and sex, there is actually a fourth instinct: the desire for money. And in our new world where capitalism has flattened all other systems, every human activity ultimately devolves into acquisitive greed.

The instinct to acquire money distorts all human activity. It drives people to abandon what they proclaim are their most closely held principles. Capitalism ultimately produces a state of mind where everyone has his price and selling out is just a matter of getting the right offer.

I'd written that some time ago and I still believe it, but on second thought, it doesn't really apply to Judith Regan and Newscorp (parent company of Fox News). They are unprincipled and have nothing to sell out. Judith Regan is proud of being a coarse, base, panderer. She flaunts it like a badge of honor. She's not conflicted. The bad sleep well.


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