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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bush Pardons Turkeys, Soldiers Less Lucky

"President Bush on Wednesday pardoned the two white-feathered birds — Flyer and Fryer — at a White House ceremony for the 59th anniversary of the National Turkey Pardon.

"Flyer's probably wondering where he's going to wind up tomorrow. He's probably thinking he's going to end up on somebody's table," Bush said. "I'm happy to report that he and Fryer both have many tomorrows ahead of them."

Independent of anything else that bothers me about this, I'm more than irritated just by the childishness and triviality of this stupid photo op ritual.

I have really come to loathe holidays with all the attendant phony celebration of virtues that they engender, not to mention the insane commercialization.

I'm so glad President Bush spared Flyer and Fryer's necks. Too bad the necks of our soldiers are still on the chopping block.


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