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Monday, May 09, 2005

Bloggers With Blinders

Tim Rutten writes a good piece in the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times about how recent drops in newspaper readership have some, including some bloggers, predicting the imminent demise of papers. Rutten writes:

"Why, then, this rush to bury newspapers?

At the moment, you've basically got three groups who are busily organizing a wake without a corpse.

First are the ideologically minded commentators — mostly right wing, a handful on the left — who have found a congenial home in the blogosphere. Their critique is basically an exercise in wishful thinking. They want newspapers to die because their editors just won't print the news they want in the language they demand. These folks see the world through utterly polarized lenses and don't believe any other view is possible."

Thanks to Mark York for spotting this first. It ties in perfectly with my comments on Hugh Hewitt below.


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