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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The New York Times on POD Publishing

Sunday's New York Times Book Review carried an article about the popularity of POD publishing. The author of the blog POD-DY MOUTH said that it is the same article about POD that appears every eighteen months. I agree. Then she wrote that the article showed that agents and publishers are beginning to take note of POD publishing without offering any convincing evidence to prove her claim. Certainly, I saw nothing to that effect in the article.

Look, there's a simple reason that stories about POD publishing keep appearing. Years ago, Harlan Ellison quoted the late Stanley Elkin, who said that every reader thinks he can be a writer. Who reads the NYTBR? Habitual readers. Likely, they are wannabe writers as well. And all but a small perecentage of them will suffer rejection at the hands of reputable trade publishers. Thus, these readers/writers are eager to read about POD publishing. Otherwise, this article would have appeared in the paper's business section.


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