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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Please, No More

Lee Goldberg's blog A Writer's Life references an item about the SciFi Channel reviving Irwin Allen's unlamented 60s show Time Tunnel. I hope not. Time Tunnel was a classic cheat show. At the end of every episode, just as Doug and Tony were about to go down with the Titanic or get slaughtered at the Alamo, Lee Meriwether and John Zaremba would twiddle some dials and whisk our time travelling boys off into another crappy adventure that was almost invariably set in some past era where plenty of stock historical footage could be recycled or into some absurd future sets with Michael Ansara and Del Monroe wrapped in tin foil. The fact that much was promised and nothing ever happened turned out to be a lesson in disillusionment for nine-year-olds everywhere.


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