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Monday, May 08, 2006

Black Viper Windows Tweaks Don't Help

Everyone would like to speed up Windows' sluggy boot time and otherwise speed things up. There used to be a site from one Black Viper that had a list of all sorts of programs and services that load when Windows starts up. Black Viper's site had information on which services to disable to speed up performance.

I tried this a few weeks ago based on recommendations from another site and all it did was screw things up. I was going to find Black Viper's site and try to carefully, systematically experiment with turning off services selectively to see if I could improve things without losing any essential services.

Black Viper's web site seems to be gone, but while searching for it I turned up an analysis of Black Viper's tweaks.

Bottom line: they don't help. Don't bother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm running 2 profiles on server 2k3, a game profile and default. The difference is definitely noticeable. Framerates in games are the same, but load times are shortened by as much as 40%.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amusing comments but entirely inacurate. Had you bothered to take the time to read Vipers entire site, including intros, you would have noticed multiple configurations and warnings of problems that can occur if you don't know anything about your system and what it does\doesn't need.

10:52 PM  

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