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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This Is Sickening!

CNN doesn't allow you to embed videos like YouTube, so I urge you to go via the link and watch this video. It shows Army Captain Jordan Veath wheedling members of what passes for the Iraqi army to engage Sadrite insurgents in urban fighting in Sadr City. When he finally seems to have persuaded the Iraqi commander to move forward, he discovers that the Iraqi soldiers are taking their lunch break!

Nic Robertson, the on-site reporter, wrote this on his blog:

I’ve watched over the past years as the Iraqi army has gone from zero to, in some cases, maybe one step from hero.

I submitted this comment:

How can you write this after having witnessed an American commander wheedling the Iraqis to fight, then they want a lunch break! I watched your story on TV and am placing a link to it on my blog. The Iraqi army displays no heroism in your video. 1,000 of them, including two Iraqi commanders, deserted the fighting in Basra.



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