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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kindle Killer

For the same price as the Kindle, a one-function device, you can buy this fully functional ultra-mini laptop that weighs only two pounds.

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Blogger Bill Jackoffski said...

The kindle is not meant to compete with a mini laptop like the eeepc. Get the Kindle to store and instantly read thousands of compatible ebooks, subscription based material, etc. on a super easy-on-the-eyes screen for very many hours. You can read wherever, whenever with one hand without worrying about internal mechanical components being too sensitive. The screen is even good in sunlight. You can download media from pretty much anywhere there is wireless phone access. Get the mini laptop for that multifunction stuff on a 3 hour/charge battery. If you like reading for a few minutes and dont mind constantly charging then go for that. The kindle is expensive now, as is Sony's model but as more competitors jump on the bandwagon, prices will come down.

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