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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Western Limit of the World

"For some reason, publishers seem to be heeding Hollywood’s death rattle. In hopes of turning books into marketable commodities, publishers are unloading bucketfuls of concept-loaded, ready-to-please books that are almost deadly, they’re so dull.

On the surface, everything tells us that The Western Limit of the World should be great. Forget about great writing, forget about “deep characters”—this book should be a damn good story.

But the truth is that there is simply nothing to recommend in this novel. Like a Hollywood assembly-line product, this is a concept-driven book, all salt and no soul, and thus it fails at every aspect of story-telling."

This killer review is replete with examples of truly awful writing. You shake your head and wonder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the review. Seems the writing the guy quotes from is far worse than the writing in his review. So what's your beef with it?

7:03 PM  

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