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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Firefox Browser Woes

After trying everything in my power to get Firefox to display background images and colors on web sites, I gave up. I probably spent close to two hours on this. I read the user help forum on Mozilla, tried some tips, Googled to see what users were saying. No dice.

Then I decided to dump Firefox 1.5 and reinstall V 1.07, if I could find it. I found it. I went to and under "Other Languages and Applications," found 1.07 English (British) listed. I installed it. But Modern Pinball. my favorite theme, though listed in the themes dialogue box, wouldn't kick in. So I went to the Themes page on Mozilla, then to Pinball's creator's site, downloaded the file, uninstalled the theme and reinstalled it from the downloaded file. And it worked fine. Lastly, I went to the security page at Mozilla to install a security patch that I originally installed in September.

Ridiculous that I had to go through all this, though.


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