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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dennis Prager Is A Pompous Fool

US legal music downloads up 187%

By Tony Smith

Published Thursday 14th July 2005 14:57 GMT

"US music downloaders paid for 158m songs during the first six months of 2005, almost three times the number acquired legally in H1 2004."

During Rebecca Hagelin's appearance on his radio show, Prager said that today's youth are inculcated in a culture of theft because they don't think there's anything wrong with downloading music files without paying. Prager recently devoted an hour of his show to this premise.

I found the story linked above in five minutes by Googling "music downloads." You'd think Prager could do the same before peddling a bullshit thesis on his show. If youth are such thieves, how does one explain the nearly tripled number of paid downloads in only six months? The facts invalidate Prager's belief. But Prager never lets the facts stand in the way of his pontificating. Prager also hates youth culture, a stance that sells to a white middle age audience.


Blogger ShuShu said...

I must apolgize for my poor literary skills, in my own defense I'm a science major. I'm 25, listen to almost all genres of music, and Dennis Prager's program regularly, and I am in no way personally offended by Mr. Prager's show or comments. Our youth, including my generation, have been raised with only one source of values regarding basic rights & wrongs and that is in the home. Despite the fact that the basic human values of right & wrong originate from Judaism and Christianity, religion is not as large a part of children's lives as it was in America's history; caused by the escalated and continued pressure for absolute secularism since the 60's. Many under the age of 30 come from homes that didn't impress such values very strongly, if at all. I can acknowledge the truth in Mr. Prager's comments and still believe "our youth" are good people. However, personal responsibility is not our generation's strongest character trait. We all have character flaws that we can improve upon, but we must first introspect, re-evaluate our position, and then decide whether or not there is a need to acknowledge a flaw. Dennis is a wise and thoughtful man who I occasionally disagree with, but he would never resort to tactics as low as degradation, insult, or name calling. Perhaps you should use your mind, rather than your emotions, to process the comments of others. Emotions have no IQ. Please, think a second time.

8:39 PM  
Blogger John Q said...

Prager doesn't insult? "Obama is the worst president ever!?

11:26 AM  

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