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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

They're Here Already! You're Next!!!!

"In Home Invasion, Rebecca Hagelin proves that in today’s all-consuming culture of corruption there is nowhere left to hide—American homes have already been invaded by this insidious enemy that seeks to twist our minds and poison our hearts through the unmonitored Internet, television, magazines, and music that our families ingest on a daily basis. Speaking as a nationally known social commentator and as a mother of three, Hagelin shows through specific examples and alarming statistics how the enemy has infected the family van, our neighborhood schools and textbooks, the stores in which we shop, and even the churches in which we worship."

There's nowhere left to hide! Aggghhh!

"Middle class moms and dads have long sought safety for their children in the nurturing haven of the cul-de-sac."

That's the subliterate level of writing in this stupid scare fest. Does she know that cul-de-sac is a synonym for dead end? Does her publisher? The people who endorse her book or give her airtime?

I had the misfortune to hear a few minutes of Hagelin on Dennis Prager's radio show today. I can't tell if she's just a shrewd opportunist or a sincere nitwit. That Prager should use his show as a conduit for Hagelin only reinforces my contempt for him. I feel about Prager as I do for Hagelin. I can't tell if he's a shrewd opportunist or a sincere nitwit. Or if these appearances are paid for by her publisher, camouflaged infomercials.

This is a book that, sadly, has a sizeable market. Mostly Christian fundamentalist stay at home mothers. Scared, superstitious people who don't understand and fear their own instincts, especially their sexuality. They believe it is better to keep their children as ignorant of their own bodies, mind and the world outside than to understand them and deal with it.


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