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Friday, October 09, 2009

"Some Guys Are Lucky and Some Just Ain't"

Chez Pazienza's reaction to the awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize to Obama is typical of an unimaginative reflexive partisan liberal who's idea of edgy posts is to take a preemptive swipe at the expected criticism of the award from those on the right. As if the only voices saying Obama is undeserving of his prize originate exclusively from the right and their automatic dislike of anything Obama.

Go look at's and's front pages. What do they say? That Barack Obama is undeserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. This comes from the two leading online news and opinion daily publications, both staunchly liberal to left in their editorial bias.

And they're correct. Barack Obama has done practically nothing significant, either in domestic or foreign policy, since his election. Apart from reversing Bush's ruling on federal funding of stem cell research, Obama's policies are nearly a ruler-straight extension of Bush's.

Obama's foreign policy is no different from Bush's. Obama talks peace while we continue to kill Afghan and Pakistani civilians left and right because some supposed Al-Qaida bigwig is in some village that we then level to the ground.

It makes a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Criticizing the right for criticizing Obama is just a lazy exercise in shooting fish in a barrel.

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