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Friday, June 29, 2007

Dennis Prager's Palpable Stupidity

Commenting on yesterday's forum of Democratic presidential candidates discussing race, Dennis Prager uttered one of the stupidest thoughts I've ever heard emanate from him, and that's saying a lot.

Prager said that blacks live in mostly black neighborhoods because they prefer to, because most people want to live among their own kind. This is a manifestation of the typical conservative mindset, which justifies lack of concern for a social phenomena by arguing that it exists because people want it that way. In other words, it's their own fault, and if that's the way they want it, we don't have the responsibility to change it. It's the argument for complacency.

Do Quincy Jones, Eddie Murphy or just about any successfull black entertainer or businessperson or middle class blacks reside in South Central Los Angeles? Of course not. People tend to associate with others from the same economic level they belong to. The minute a person begins to make enough income, they move to a better neighborhood than the one they're in. Racially segregated neighborhoods exist because a disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanics are impoverished.

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