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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tom Friedman, Billionaire

At The Huffington Post, David Sirota writes, “I've documented repeatedly how New York Times columnist Tom Friedman parrots the propaganda of Big Money, using his column to legitimize some of the worst, most working-class-persecuting policies this country has seen in the last century - all while bragging on television that he doesn't even bother read the details of the policies he advocates for.

As the July edition of the Washingtonian Magazine notes, Friedman lives in "a palatial 11,400-square-foot house, now valued at $9.3 million, on a 7½-acre parcel just blocks from I-495 and Bethesda Country Club." He "married into one of the 100 richest families in the country" - the Bucksbaums, whose real-estate Empire is valued at $2.7 billion.

So the next time you read a piece by Tom Friedman telling us how wonderful job outsourcing is or how great it is to pass Big Money's latest trade deal that include no labor, wage, human rights or environmental provisions - just remember: Tom Friedman, scion of a billionaire business empire, is just doing right by his own economic class."

The allegedly liberal media-Friedman has a platform at the New York Times (which Dennis Prager labels an enemy of America) and practically lives on Tim Russert’s show-embrace Friedman and also free trade fanatics like John Stossel-because all media outlets are owned by a handful of giant corporations.


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